Jesse Lown R.TCMP, Official 20th Generation TaiJi

Jesse graduated in 2001 from the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest Chinese Medicine Institute in Canada.  Intrigued with the depth of knowledge Traditional Medicine offered, Jesse made his way to China to live and continue learning.  While in China, Jesse interned in hospitals and private clinics, making connections and building relationships with professors and mentors who specialized in Classical Chinese Philosophy and Medical Literature.  Jesse’s unique approach in Acupuncture, Tuina Massage, and Herbal Medicine was heavily influenced by the most respected and talented Practitioners he studied under.

After returning to Toronto, Jesse joined a team of entrepreneurs looking to develop an integrated state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation centre. In this venture, Jesse developed and directed a working model that integrated modern robotic technology, functional rehabilitation, and traditional medicine. The clinic grew and became a well-established neurological rehabilitation centre specializing in spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injury, and Multiple Sclerosis.

For over 20 years, Jesse has diligently practiced traditional mind-body customs of Meditation, QiGong, TaiJiQuan, and Daoist NeiGong.  In 2004 he became an official 20th generation TaiJi lineage holder as recognized by the BeiJing HunYuan TaiJi Academy. He returns to China annually to instruct on behalf of his mentor and teacher, as well as to perfect and advance his own training.

Jesse lives in Toronto, Canada, where he continues to study, practice, and teach traditional medicine and exercise systems. In his free time he drinks a lot of tea and occasionally paints.